Ways To Give

Make a gift to Wittenberg University in the way that suits you best. Many gifts provide benefits not only for our campus and students but – in some cases – also provide tangible benefits for the generous donors who help make our important work possible. Please contact our team at 937-327-7430 to start a conversation.

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Outright Gifts

Making a gift of cash or check is the easiest and most popular way to give to Witt. Gifts of cash or check are considered complete as of the date of mailing or hand delivery. A gift of cash or check is deductible for a percentage of your adjusted gross income and any excess deductions can be carried forward (ask us for current IRS rules).


Credit Card
Gifts by credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express) provide another convenient and secure way to make a charitable gift to Witt. Credit card gifts are considered complete as the gift is posted and the same deduction rules apply as for cash or check. Make a gift to the Wittenberg Fund.


Securities (Stocks and Bonds)
Gifts of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) are a common alternative to gifts of cash and can offer donors a double tax benefit. Securities held for more than 12 months are deductible at full fair-market value up to a percentage of your adjusted gross income and any excess deductions can be carried forward for subsequent years (ask us for current IRS rules). Donors bypass any capital gain taxes on the appreciated value, offering a smart way to make a difference for Witt. Contact us for stock transfer information.


Charitable IRA Provision
Donors who are at least 70½ years of age may transfer up to $100,000 from their IRA assets directly to Witt each year. Although there is no charitable income tax benefit received by the donor, those who make direct transfers from IRA assets also avoid including the donated amount in their income. Many donors choose to satisfy their annual required minimum distribution by making a transfer directly to Witt!


Real Estate and Other Tangible Property
Many donors find that donating real estate, art, or other appreciated assets to Witt allows them to make gifts that would not otherwise be possible. Gifts of real estate can also provide double tax benefits to donors if held more than one year, affording bypass of capital gains and deductions against adjusted gross income. These gifts can also be made now or in the future via will or charitable remainder trust. Although these gifts are accepted on a case-by-case basis, their impact can benefit Witt for years to come.

Deferred Gifts

Will or Living Trust
Bequests made through a donor’s will or living trust are the most common form of deferred gifts (meaning Witt will experience the ultimate benefit from the gift and assets after the donor no longer needs them). These gifts are easy to execute and can provide for Witt in a variety of ways. Please contact us to make a bequest.


Beneficiary Designations
Providing for Witt by naming us as beneficiary of an IRA or qualified retirement plan is generally considered the most tax-advantaged way to leave a gift. This is because Witt is not subject to the federal income tax or estate tax liabilities of noncharitable beneficiaries. Witt receives the full fair-market value of the funds to direct to our mission, and naming Witt as a beneficiary of these accounts is usually a simple process. Your IRA or qualified plan can also name a charitable remainder trust as the ultimate beneficiary (see charitable remainder trusts below). When naming Witt as a beneficiary of your gifts, please be sure to include our Tax ID number (EIN 31-0537177) and address.


Life Insurance
Naming Witt as the owner and beneficiary of a paid-up insurance policy may be a wonderful way to make a gift that far exceeds the original investment. While policy types and benefits vary widely, donors who find themselves with a policy that is no longer needed may also be in a position to do great things for Witt’s mission.


Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts
Donors who establish a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust with Witt will not only enjoy the satisfaction of making a wonderful gift to support our mission; these gifts also provide a lifetime stream of income to the annuitant, donor or other beneficiary before going on to support our good work once the assets are no longer needed. In addition to a lifetime stream of income, these gifts offer up-front benefits such as current charitable income tax deductions and favorable tax treatment. Please contact us for additional details.


This information is intended for illustration and educational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, accounting or financial advice. Please consult your professional advisor for more information about how these gifts may apply to your personal situation.

Want to learn more about making a gift to Wittenberg? For additional information or to speak directly with someone on our team, please reach out.