having light is
a campaign and a
call to action. join us!


From serving as an ambassador for the Having Light Campaign to volunteering for your class reunion to championing Wittenberg virtually, opportunities to give back with your time and energy abound. Let us know what interests you and where you are. We will make sure you get the most out of getting involved.

Myers at Wittenberg


Mark your calendar and promote Campaign events and other opportunities to network and socialize virtually and in person.

Join Forces

Register for a regional or affinity committee and build relationships with fellow alumni as you push Having Light to the next level.


Career exploration and outcomes are a priority of Having Light. Email careers@wittenberg.edu to learn how to hire a fellow Tiger. Witt’s staff will support you in setting up job posts or connecting to become a mentor.


Connect and cheer the Campaign on with your fellow Tigers on the Wittenberg alumni pages of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, and follow #wittstories for new narratives from graduates of the past half century.

Having Light, we will:

  • Bridge the difference between the cost of the education and the price students and families can afford, making it easier for more Witt-fit students to say “Yes!” to Wittenberg.
  • Broaden access to robust career exploration and resume-building experiences to every student, providing the staff, space, and programming students need to discern a vocation and put their Wittenberg education to work.
  • Endow faculty and staff positions, and support outstanding innovation in teaching and research, honoring those who pass on their knowledge and wisdom at Wittenberg.
  • Care for this place, matching Wittenberg’s appearance to the reality of our love for our most tangible legacy.
  • Meet this moment, when circumstances demand that we fill the most pressing, most immediate needs of the University.

Support Wittenberg

The time is now to pass on our knowledge, our wisdom, our leadership, our legacy, our light. You can make a difference.

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